Welcome to Maya Dahlia Cakes

19th Mar 2015
When you are developing a brand it is difficult to know where to start.

When you are developing a brand it is difficult to know where to start. What is your USP? What is your business strategy? What are your core values?

All valid and vital questions. However, my personal experience is that when you have a real passion for something it is easier to focus on the process and let the results follow naturally, and for Maya Dahlia Cakes that has definitely been the case. I have always had a passion for art and fashion but for a long time I struggled to find an outlet for my creativity. When I stumbled across baking and cake design it all seemed to fall into place. My creative side finally found a means by which to expresses itself and my academic side found an opportunity to create a unique and exciting business.

Maya Dahlia Cakes is a luxury wedding cake brand offering a high quality, comprehensive wedding cake service.

We arecommitted to providing a truly personal customer experience by including our clients in every stage of the process, from bouncing around initial ideas, o the development of a final concept. We take a creative approach to every wedding cake we produce and aim never to make the same cake twice. Every client is different, and for us that means a new opportunity to think up innovative and unique ideas, each time pushing the boundaries of traditional cake design.

To help you see what we are all about and to get a flavour for how we work, we have created this short video. We hope you enjoy it!

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