About us

Creativity, Passion, Reliability

"Creativity is innate, passion is acquired and reliability is learned – together these traits can be beautifully powerful" Krishma Maya Mandalia

The Maya Dahlia Cakes Brand

The Maya Dahlia Cakes brand aims to enhance the luxury and grandeur of your wedding day by providing you with a distinctively designed masterpiece. Our atelier, and the cakes we create within it, exude opulence and demonstrate true craftsmanship.

anticipation and excitement

At Maya Dahlia Cakes we believe weddings are all about anticipation and excitement and we try our best to ensure that this manifests in every wedding cake we create. We specialise in creating cakes in a uniquely artistic style, continuously experimenting with new tools and techniques.

The Maya Dahlia Cakes team are passionate about what we do and how we do it. It is our love for baking married with our sharp attention to detail which enables us to create truly stunning wedding cakes.