Wedding cupcakes: Are they the right option for your wedding

10th Mar 2017
Wedding cupcakes: Are they the right option for your wedding?

If you have an Instagram account you will be well aware of the international obsession with cupcakes, with many now opting for cupcake towers over traditional wedding cake designs. Always welcoming innovation here at Maya Dahlia Cakes, we have made our fair share of cupcakes, but are they the right for your big day?   

While some believe wedding cupcakes to be a half-baked idea, others feel cupcakes to be a lot more practical than a multi-tiered wedding cake, with each guest permitted to take their cupcake home and enjoy in their own time. Seeing a split community of brides and grooms, we thought we would explore the pros and cons of wedding cupcakes in more depth.  


Traditional wedding cake: pros and cons  

  • Pros – As a long standing tradition, the multi-tiered wedding cake oozes with tradition, with many wanting to uphold convention and all the charms that come with it. From feeding a piece of the cake to your loved ones to eating the top tier on your first wedding anniversary, the traditional wedding cake iswrapped in all types of wonderful associations 
  • Cons - Many modern couples believe that the wedding cake can go to waste after the big day. Having catered to thousands of Indian weddings during our time in business, we have identified a growing trend in the economical wedding, with waste being very much avoided.  


Wedding cupcakes  


Pros – being easy to pop in your bag, eat on the go and making for a stunning social media post, the wedding cupcake is certainly a great idea for the more creative of weddings. In addition to its Snapchat-able nature, cupcakes also encourage various cake designs, allowing brides to work with different coloured icing and decorations with each and every cupcake. Of late, we have also seen personalised cupcakes making their way to the wedding industry 

Cons – From Disney princess weddings to your favourite fairytailes, the big white wedding cake symbolises the grandeur of the celebration. Being lost in the humble cupcake, a large, conventional cake will no doubt be the preferred option for the more traditional of brides and grooms.   


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