Top wedding cake trends for 2017

3rd Mar 2017
Top wedding cake trends for 2017

Here at Maya Dahlia Cakes, our expert team have been creating bespoke wedding cakes for many years, utilising our experience and abilities to craft stunning, unique cakes for weddings all over London. Lucky enough to be situated in this glorious, bustling city, we work to client requests, having to stay abreast of both food and wedding trends to remain a modern wedding cake company.

Eager to support brides, grooms and wedding planners throughout the organisation stages, we help advise through consultations, sharing our findings and experiences to help our valued customers make well-informed decisions.  
With 2017 being the year of diversity, we are seeing so many themes being trialled, tested and stretched; with decadence, simplicity and customisation all playing a role in wedding celebrations across London. Here are just a few themes we predict to reign supreme in the world of wedding cakes this year.

Modern Ruffles 
Having been working on 2017 wedding cake designs for the last six months, we have seen various clients working with the popular uffle approach. Adding a stand out feminine touch, this design brings eleganceand class in abundance. If this is the type of outcome you envisage, why not mix the cake design up with a mixture of linear, more structured looks alongside soft, delicate frills? Creating contrast, such designs certainly make for gorgeous wedding photographs. 

Colour splash  
If your intention for the big day is to wow, then we at Maya Dahlia Cakes highly recommend the Colour Splash cake, a design that mixes and matches colours on a wedding cake to make a fun, bubbly impact. Bold blossoms and sugar paste can match your colour theme or even clash to create a contract piece, making your wedding cake double up as an attractive piece of art that guests will no doubt be impressed by. 

Botanical Cake  
2017’s Pantone colour of the year is greenery which symbolises ‘new beginnings’. This is significantly fitting as a theme for a wedding cake as it celebrates the new adventures and life journey the bride and groom are about to embark on with one another. Having created many Botanical wedding cakes from our London bakery, we find this theme to influence cake designs that exude opulence and demonstrate true craftsmanship.

3D flowers 
A contemporary 3D floral design is elegant and sophisticated with a twist. By using a range of colours, delicate flowers can be placed on top of the cake which are made out of moulds and stencils to create that all important stand-out 3D effect. Favoured by those working with a modern wedding theme, 3D flower cakes are successful in bringing that delightful tone we all revel in when attending such celebrations. 

Wedding cakes with Maya Dahlia Cakes 
Whether you are looking for an Indian wedding cake, modern-themed masterpiece or something a little more outlandish, allow us at Maya Dahlia Cakes to create a truly luxurious and unique wedding cake, which perfectly compliments your event. Contact us today to book your consultation and see your wedding cake visions lived out in icing.

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