Luxury: The best wedding cake theme

15th Mar 2017
Luxury: The best wedding cake theme

If you are planning your wedding, you will be well aware of the different themes within reach, with many opting to work with luxury for their big day. From investing in a designer wedding dress to adorning yourself in expensive gold jewellery, every aspect of the wedding reverts back to that pivotal theme – luxury. This is also a prevalent feature when it comes to planning your wedding cake design, with wedding cake companies like us having to constantly come up with innovative ideas.  

While many think that luxury comes from visuals, in our opinion, a great, high-end cake must employ a lot more than a pretty exterior.   


Generally, the taller the cakthe bigger the portions, and although cake is there to be eaten, the need for wedding cake to look good has never been so important. Wanting their wedding cake to be a key signifier of the venue, many brides and grooms opt for a larger number of tiers, ensuring their cake stands out, grabs attention and makes for the perfect wedding photography prop.  


Although big, bold colours are all the rage in modern weddings, whites, golds, silvers and pearls tend to encourage that feel of luxury. Whether it be lace-trimmed, adorned with 3D flowers or hold up two bride and groom figures, stick with a traditional colour and allow the luxurious theme to ooze through every bite of your wedding cake.   


While a huge focus is placed on the aesthetics of the wedding cake, in order for it to boast the label of luxury, the taste must also be of a high standard. Having perfected our cake recipes over the years, the flavours and textures beneath the icing and buttercream is something we have become known for. From delicate, perfected recipes and inclusion of ingredients such as saffron to flavoured gold leaves and edible pearls, the trick is very much in the details.  

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