Choosing the right wedding cake: Our top tips

14th Mar 2017
Choosing the right wedding cake: Our top tips

With wedding planning infamously being one of the most stressful events you will ever have to organise, something as simple as the cake requires the utmost attention. Due to the fact that weddings are all about detail, the wedding cake has over the years evolved into a prominent feature of the overall wedding image, complimenting the wedding food on offer whilst doubling up as a stunning wedding prop. Here at Maya Dahlia Cakes we have been working with brides and grooms for many years; finding that clients often face difficulty when deciding which wedding cake is right for them. 

While it is a decision that should come naturally and from the heart, we believe the following factors should be considered when on the search for the perfect wedding cake for you. 

With fresh-faced, excited couples entering our bakery every day, we are delighted to contribute to and help live out wedding ideas and dreams, building wedding cakes that only enhance themes. Having built cakes for traditional, modern and even novelty weddings, we believe that cake should help tie everything together. From colour pallets to style, choosing a wedding cake theme will ensure your wedding day showcases the efforts you have put in.  

While some work with a o expense spared attitude, many of our clients need a tight budget, ensuring each element of their wedding is well-planned and compliments one other. Understanding the need for financial clarity, we create cakes for all, working with clients to ensure they are getting the most for their hard-earned money. By making your budget clear from the offset, you will also swerve the possibility of a surprise wedding bill. 

The size of the wedding cake has a huge impact on its appearance, with multi-tiered cakes renowned for creating that fairytale feel. However, modern wedding cakes now cover a whole spectrum of sizes, with small, vintage styled cakes and colossal, 3D flower-covered options equally as popular. While many would expect the bigger the cake, the bigger the price, this is not always so.  


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